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Leisure time

Hotel Orion

The hotel is surrounded by deep forests, blooming meadows, large valleys and breathtaking scenery.

Summer and winter in Plešivec offers plenty of leisure time activities.

Right next to the hotel there is a rope park with the highest swing in the Ore Mountains and other attractions.


The Adrenalin Park is situated a few steps from the hotel and it is definitely not to be missed without trying at least one of the attractions.

Whether you are looking for adrenaline, or want to spend a fun afternoon with your family..

  • Giant swing - a unique experience with several G overload.
  • Rope centre - for children and adults.
  • Freefall - A real adrenaline rush! The jump from the 13 meters straight down.
  • Trampolines - Bungee trampoline where you will not get bored.

Mythical Ore-mountains trail

Mythical trail is located just a short walk from the hotel and is about one kilometre long.

Along its entire length it is accompanied by wooden figures and information boards that will acquaint you with local myths and legends, such as Marzebil, Fire imp, forest ghost Hejma, knights, tree women Shrakakals, devil or Perkmon.

Sights and Trips

Boží Dar peat bog

National nature reserve Boží Dar moorland covers an area of 930 ha. There is a 3.2 km long nature trail where you can find 12 stops to get acquainted with the sights of the local plant association.

Blatensky trench

Technical historical monument Blatensky trench is about 12 km long and it is lined with a 23-stopover trail.

Wolf pits

Natural monument Wolf Pits was created by a collapse of mine Wolfgang which was one of the largest mines in the area. It can be found on the southwestern slope of the Blatensky hill.

Observation tower

At the very top of Plešivec there is an octagonal 16-metre observation tower with a gallery from which you can admire stunning views of the surrounding peaks of the Ore Mountains and the surrounding area.

Mine Mauritius - tunnel Christopher

Mine Mauritius is a national cultural monument and the largest tin mine in the Czech Ore Mountains. The tunnel Christopher is accessible to visitors by 13-meter high metal staircase built into the pit of mine Mauritius. The tour in the gallery measures more than 400 meters (there and back) and includes a total of 11 stops.


Two signposted bicycle routes lead through Abertamy, but a little rougher ride on forest roads also has its charm.

Cycle route no. 2002 Potůčky - Pernink

  • Total length: 25 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Surface: tarmac, paved surface

Cycle route no. 2198 Potůčky - Velichov

  • Total length: 53.5 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Surface: tarmac


The Ore Mountains landscape is lined with lots of hiking trails. Tourists can use the green signposted path from Abertamy, blue-marked trail from Pstruží or the nature trail from Merklin.

Plešivec in winter


In the winter season Plešivec is transformed into a modern ski resort. Not only skiers but also snowboarders and children visitors can benefit from it.

20 meters away from the hotel you will find more than 12 km of groomed and 100% technically snowed slopes of all levels with the longest, which is over 4.2 km long. 3 or 4-seat ski lifts or a tow will take you up the hill.

There is also a children's park for all kids who can, with the help of instructors, learn to ski or frolic at the mountain roundabout, in an artificial tunnel and other prepared attractions.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night skiing takes place.

Cross-country skiing

For lovers of white track there is a unique Ore Mountains road, which winds across the Ore Mountains. The total length is 242 km, with numerous adjoining trails and marked hiking trails that will, from time to time, introduce some technical or natural attractions. The entire route leads from the very end of the Czech Republic from Cheb to the North Bohemian Sněžník to near Decin, where it joins the Elbe route.